Magento Language Extension

Translate your Magento website and increase your revenue in foreign markets

High Quality Translations

Human translators with eCommerce expertise provide high-quality, accurate translations for your Magento stores


Use translation memory, glossaries and reserved words over time for accurate and lower cost translations

Simple Management

Order, view and publish translations directly in your Magento Admin to reach more customers in new markets

Multilingual Translation Plugin for Magento 

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Our plugin works for both Magento 1 and 2.
Watch the video walkthrough below to see how our translation plugin works for Magento 2.




Your easy-to-use Magento translation plugin – Key Benefits


  • Our repetition engine tracks repeating phrases and costs these accordingly. It doesn’t count exact matches in the cost of the translation
  • All translations via our Magento translation plugin are stored in your own unique translation memory, reducing the cost of future translations
  • Translators are assigned based on your product types and language pairs
  • Real-time reporting on projects, costs, memory and timeframes
  • Translate products, attributes, categories, CMS pages and blocks. Filter by product type (simple, configurable, etc.), SKU, attribute set name, and more
  • You no longer need to export and import CSV files – selecting and publishing content is done directly in your Magento Admin
  • Flexible content selection options – you can exclude specific products and items like short/long descriptions and metadata
  • Friendly UI – easy to use for people who are not familiar with Magento
  • Eliminates the risk of accidentally altering the product HTML code
  • Easy publishing – you can view the translated content before it goes live
  • All the translated content will be saved in memory so it can be reused to lower future translation costs
  • Manage and track your projects in real-time through the client dashboard. Manage payments, look up items in memory and add colleagues to user groups
  • Fully integrated with our validation platform – check the translations before they’re sent back to Magento
  • 100% free to use and fully supported across all versions of Magento 1 and 2
  • No hidden fees such as project management or file handling costs

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Clients using our Magento translation plugin